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seren1ty Aimbot r6
-Undetected VAc/Vac2
  • Unreal-Rage_0
    -Undetected vac [ogl,aim,wall..]
  • N0Takesp
    -VAC2 | HLGuard Undetected Hack
  • publicty_0
    -Undetected Hack
  • Release HooKc
    -Undetected Hack VAC*
    -VAC2 | VAC | HLGuard Undetected Hack
  • bi0laPE-BestCk1.6
    -VAC2 | VAC Undetected Hack
  • prjmayhem_1
    -VAC2 | VAC Detected Hack
  • Absohack-8.7.13
    -Wallhack ; aimhack ; speedhack ; anti : smoke , flash
  • aimpixel*
    -OpenGL Multihack. FT: Aimbot,Lambert,Wallhack, SemiTrans Walls
  • AiruN OGL Hack
    -OGL hack , aim , wall , speed , recoil
  • ArkTiK
    -Anti-flash , smoke , wallhack simple , aim
  • HackStv1.6
    -Full hack : speed,aim,wall,recoil,antiflasbang ...
  • NC-hack
    -New hack cs 1.6 , 1.5 , css aim,wall,speed and more...
  • cdhack 4.33.4 plus CB
    -Full cheats : wallhack , aimhack , speedhack , norecoil ...
  • OGX Reborn v1.4
    -Cs cheats v1.4 wallhack
  • AequiHack1
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • Discohack v1.0
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • AequiHack13
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • css_mini_hack2
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall
  • Vac2Disablerv2
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed+vac2
  • Neburnv1.6
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • Zookvac2 v4.4
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • OGXRebornv14
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • DlphAhack
    -Cs cheats 1.6 anti flash , recoil
  • Biergarten
    -Cs cheats 1.6 anti smoke and more
  • AequiHack100
    -Cs cheats 1.6 wall+aim+speed
  • Director Web Vote on the Counter Strike Top 200Anunturi Gratuite Top 100 Counter Strike sites Counter Strike Private Server Top Counter Strike Sites counter strike Top-NeT cheats cs 1. 6 Top66 Statistici Filename | Download Donut Hack 1.0 Aimbot 1.3 misc OGC 10 AceBot Cs Cheat Finder 3.2 - new- Rage 6 CSX-absolution2 CSX-Hook 1.0 Viper X C€||'s OGC 7.3 ViperG 3 eXtionist's Counter-Strike Supercheat CSX-Hook 0.6 Venom Zeros CI3 unCut Beta 6 Cs 1.3 whitewall Zeros ogc 7.11 CSX- edited ogc

    OGC 6.20


    DHS OGC 6.14 OSH AIMHACK - paladin proved.. Colored models paladin proved.. OGC PB hack 2.7 source HLH aource OGC 6.13 source code Force Library Source HLH HEX Pathfinder Release1 HiJacker Direct 3D Hack p0wErh00k ViperG for 1.3 ViperG for1.3 Source Smoke Hack Smoke Hook Source Skin Hack OGC Wall hack G2 No Name Hack 4d4nc4ed's Hack Edited Hijacker Hijacker's Source HLH 1.3 with PB Hack B43 Source Code Client Hack Client Hack's Source CS 1.3 Whitewalls Cvar Hack Auto Connector Auto Aim S*x Advanced Source How to Skin Hack Game Exploit Cvars Hacker FB Spec 4 gl hack Source Code
    Its a client dll aimhack, pretty good, made by donutman.
    Some aimbot, is in chinese,..
    A edited ogc 7..
    this isa bot undetected by paladin and CD..
    This will find all cheats on ur computer that cs guard 6.30 finds..
    This is a different version of rage, dont know if it gets detected or not..
    This is an updated absolution 6, edited by the CSX team, undetected by cs guard..
    This is punkillas CSX hook 1.0 undetected by cs guard. -by punkilla
    This is a edited version of ViperG, made by Crash
    This seems to be an edited absolution 6.0 but tweaked, fixing problems, and less detectetable by cs - guard
    Viper G version 3!
    This is a bot with player glow and some other stuff
    An aimbot.. made by punkilla
    Yet another aimbot =/
    Zeros version of Counter Intelligence..
    Its a cool wallhack, undected by some cheating programs
    White walls for cs 1.3

    Well another version OGC..

    edited version of absolution, - By Punkilla

    Another version of ogc 6.13 by - by [yug0t]oWnED, install then apply patch..

    This is an edited version of OGC 6.13 to make it undetected by cheat softwares..
    This is suposely a working aimbot for paladin :) give it a try..
    This is suposely working colored models for paladin :) give it a try ;)
    Source for OGC PB HACk 2.7
    Source for HLH, submited by TFCFAG
    OGC Client Hook 6.13's Source Code
    Program to help with injecting dlls ( Like Loader )
    Hexed Version of HLH That Removes BOT on screen ( By [-_-]Headshot )
    A pathfinder which is helpful for programmers/ cheaters.
    A loader for dlls, allows you to play with old hacks!
    A hack which lets you use old client.dll hacks, such as VIPERG
    Allows you to play OpenGL hacks in Direct3D!
    A "secret" multi hack? developed by GC
    Long Story How Came back... :) But back :)
    ViperG for 1.3 Source Code
    Not Sure if 1.3 Compatible, not even sure if hack, think Demo
    Smoke Hook Source Code
    A Skin Hack, Very fun :)
    OGC Wall hack!
    Allows you to play with no name!
    4d4nc4ed's Hack V. 1.5
    Edited Version of Hijacker Loader Which Fixes a Bug
    Source Code for Hijacker Loader
    HLH1.3 W/ PB hack Installer!
    OGC 4.3's Source Code
    Client Hack - Should work w/ 1.3
    Client Hack's Source Code
    Allows you to have White Walls in CS 1.3
    Disallows PB to check your cvars (By TFCFAG )
    Library Loader Created by Vasily
    Aim Hack ( Said to work with 1.3 )
    Multi hack 4.x Source Code by GC
    How to skin hack (By Ace_13)
    A Game Exploit (By Jaggernaut)
    A Cvars Hacker
    Flying Buzz's Spectator Hack v4
    A Source Code for a GL Hack



    Filename | Download
    Ultimate no recoil -new-
    Screw Script
    Flying buzz spec script
    Hl Hack Scripts
    HL Voice Script 1
    Script for ViperG 3
    eXtionist Super cheat script
    Admin mod pw snifer
    Unr Gold
    Run Options
    Script Pack
    Wav Record
    Silent Walk
    3rd Person
    Silent Walk
    OGC Script
    No Recoil
    OGC Script
    No Bob
    Awp Script
    Script Maker 2ooo v1.0b6
    Fast Walk
    Advanced Buy Script
    HL-Hack 1.3 Installer
    0gc Hook Script
    3rd View
    3rd View
    Advanced ogc hook
    CS Binder

    eThis is a new good no recoil script, give it a try, - made by allj00rfrags
    This script screws up the server with some weird effect..Try it for yourself. by [HLC]-[Unknown]
    a good spec script by flying buzz
    This is a script for HLH, work for TFC and CS, -by crash
    A voice script made -by Crash
    A script for ViperG 3 -by crash
    A script for eXtionists Super Cheat -by crash
    Shows you how to sniff out admin mod passwords
    A script which prevents Admins being so harsh to us !
    Ultimate No-Recoil Scripts! ( by NightWolf )
    A very good buy script!
    A script which allows different modes of running!
    Beta Script pack with great scripts! ( By z0rr0 )
    Script which records sounds and plays as wavs! ( By [-_-]Headshot )
    Collection of many Great Weapon Scripts
    Yet another Silent Walk Script
    3rd Person Script-By ]N00B[Script0r
    Silent Walk Script- by z0rr0
    An Easy to Use OGC Script
    No Recoil Script
    A Different OGC Script by Son Gohan!
    No Bob Script
    An excellent script for people needing an AWP Gun Script
    A great Script Editor.... Try it out ;-)  
    A Script for Fast Walking...
    An Advanced Buy Script (By ]NOOB[Script0r)
    A HL-Hack 1.3 Installer (By ]NOOB[Script0r)
    A Script for 0gc Hook (By NaPoLeAn)
    Another 3rd Person View Script
    A 3rd Person View Script
    OGC Client.dll Hook Beta3
    A CS Binder